Thanks to our #Huskietastic Classroom Makeover Initiative, Ms. Hammond's classroom now has 5 new wobble chairs! 🪑 These flexible seating options make learning more comfortable and fun for our little huskies, helping them stay focused and engaged throughout the day. Let's wiggle, wobble, and learn together! 📚 #FlexibleSeating #HPSDClassroomMakeover #HemlockHuskies #Since1863
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It's #TeacherFeature Tuesday and today we're featuring the amazing Allison Coblentz, our 5th grade English Language Arts (ELA) and Social Studies teacher here at Hemlock Middle School. We wanted you to get to know Mrs. Coblentz a little better, so here are some fun facts about her: • What could she listen to on repeat? Anything by Morgan Wallen. • If she won the lottery and decided to give up teaching, she would open up a bakery. • We asked her what her greatest accomplishment was in the past year, and she proudly declared: becoming a mom! • A quote she lives her life by is "I'm stronger than this challenge, and this challenge is making me stronger". • Her favorite animal is a raccoon. We’re so thrilled to have you in our Huskie Pack, Mrs. Coblentz! #Huskietastic #Since1863 #HPSDPackLeader #HemlockStrong #HemlockHuskies
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Allison TF
Ms. Bouchard's Kindergarten class enjoyed some 100th Day of School fun today with a 100 cup stack challenge, fun shirts, and of course, 100 licks to get to the middle of the lollipop. Learning and laughter always make a great combination! #HemlockHuskies #BetterTogether #100DaysOfSchool
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100 Days
100 Days 2
100 Days 3
100 Days 4
📺 Tune into ABC12 tonight to learn how Hemlock Public School District is prioritizing school safety with proactive measures and community partnerships. #HemlockHuskies #SchoolSafety #BetterTogether
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Resource Officer Rest in Peace, our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of our beloved teacher and coach, Dick Adams. Forever a Hemlock Huskie!
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Fantastic news from the Michigan Pom Association Championship Competition at Saginaw Valley State University. Hemlock Varsity Squad has emerged as champions, securing FIRST PLACE, a testament to their hard work and dedication. Well done, Hemlock Varsity Squad. Additionally, our Middle School Squad displayed impressive talent and teamwork, earning a commendable 6th-place finish. This is a great achievement, and we are extremely proud of their efforts. Congratulations to all the incredible ladies who represented Hemlock in this championship event. Your commitment and skills are truly remarkable and serve as an inspiration to all of us. Let's continue to show our support and celebrate these outstanding dancers. Stay tuned for more highlights from our Pom squads. #HemlockPom #MIPomChampionship #Champions #ProudCoach #DanceTeamGoals
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Come out and support our Hemlock Wrestling team as they #PullTheSled on February 7th at 5:30 pm for the MHSAA Team Tournament. #HemlockHuskies #BetterTogether #Since1863
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Dust and disruption are temporary. We are pulling the sled forward making things better with new additions and improvements. Construction might bring some inconvenience, but it's a sign of progress. We're building a brighter future, symbolizing strength and unity. Embrace the challenges as stepping stones to our grand vision. Dust and disruption are temporary, and we're ready to face them as a united community. Let's keep our spirits high as we transform our beloved school into a beacon of excellence. Construction, here we come!
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📚 Maybe you're wondering...what exactly is Early Middle College (EMC)? How does it actually help my student? What does it cost? What about graduation...will my child walk with their friends? We're so glad you asked! Take a look at these FAQs for some facts at a glance, and then join us for a virtual round-up for the 2026 EMC Cohort: 🕟 February 7th, 2024 at 4:30 pm #HemlockHuskies #EarlyMiddleCollege #LifeReadyHPSD #InvestInYourFuture
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This week's #StaffSpotlight is on the notable Nicole Studebaker, a food service hero and bus driver here at Hemlock Public School District. We wanted you to get to know her a little better, so here are some nuggets of information you may not know about her: • She loves reading in her spare time and loves cooking real food. • A song she could listen to on repeat is 'Bring Me To Life' by Evanescence. • If she could time travel, the first place she'd go would be the pioneer days of the Wild West (but noted she'd draw the line at a corset). • The Disney character she relates to the most is Merida from Brave, because she went against the grain, despite what society expected of her, and she stuck to her guns. • If she won the lottery and decided to give up her position at HPSD, she'd live on a 100-acre farm and take in all the mistreated dogs. • We asked her what she thinks our Hemlock family may be surprised to find out about her and she said, "I enjoy singing...especially in the church choir". We’re grateful you’re part of the Huskie Pack, Nicole. #PackLeaders #Huskietastic #BetterTogether #Since1863
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SS Nicole
Our Young 5s and Kindergarten classes from Hemlock Elementary embarked on an exciting field trip to the Lockwood STEM Center this week. During their 40-minute visits, they rotated through different stations, diving into the building blocks of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). From coding to problem-solving with Legos, exploring architecture, and discovering chain reactions, our Little Huskies experienced hands-on learning at its finest. 🚀 Igniting curiosity and fostering innovation, these young minds are the future of STEM! #STEMExplorers #FutureInnovators #HemlockHuskies #Since1863
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Little STEM 1
Little STEM 2
Little STEM 3
Little STEM 6
Little STEM 5
Little STEM 7
At Hemlock Public School District, we embrace the philosophy "Leaders beget leaders," a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a supportive work environment. Our focus is on high expectations, active participation, personal development, recognition, open communication, and trust. This approach has consistently yielded positive outcomes, both within our organization and the wider community. We recognize that leadership is a collective journey, thriving in an environment where every individual is encouraged to grow, voice ideas, and take on challenges. Our investment in our people extends beyond traditional training; it's about creating a culture of continuous learning, mentorship, and innovation. The result? The emergence of new leaders who drive our mission forward, inspire their peers and extend their influence beyond our walls. They become change agents in their communities, reflecting the values of the Hemlock Public School District. By investing in our people, we're not just building leaders; we're fostering a cycle of positive change that benefits everyone. #HemlockHuskies #BetterTogether #AspiringLeaders #PullTheSled
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AL 1
AL 2
AL 3
AL 4
It's #ThrowBackThursday and today we're throwing it all the way back to the eighties with this snapshot from the HHS yearbook of 1980. 📌 Spot someone you recognize? Tag them or their family and share a memory. #Huskietastic #TBT #HuskiesOf1980 #HemlockStrong #HemlockHuskies
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🗓️ Mark your calendars | Hemlock Public School District’s Preschool Registration begins on Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 8:00am. If you have any questions, please contact our Preschool Director, Megan Bedford at or 989-642-5221 ext. 2121.
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We are excited to introduce you to Danielle Perry, our district's Mental Health Practitioner, made possible through our partnership with the Saginaw ISD. As a 'Whole Child' advocate, we are committed to the emotional and mental health of our students, and are grateful to have Mrs. Perry in our huskies pack. #MentalHealthMatters #HemlockStrong #BetterTogether
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Danielle Perry
#WednesdayWisdom #PerspectiveMatters #HemlockStrong
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Congratulations to Hemlock High School senior Kyrie Rames on winning the coveted cover spot on HSC's 14th Annual Community Calendar. #HemlockHuskies #WorkOfHeart #Huskietastic #Since1863
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Embracing the Journey: No Gain Without Pain in Our School's Transformation As we stand on the brink of a transformative phase for our beloved high school, it's important to remember the timeless adage, "No gain without pain." This phrase rings especially true as we venture into the heart of construction season, potentially as early as late February we start to see work happen. Our ambitious project isn't just about erecting buildings; it's about building a brighter future for our students, families, and the community. The construction of a new gymnasium, weight room, and wrestling room represents more than just physical structures. These facilities symbolize strength, resilience, and the spirit of teamwork that defines our school. The creation of a main hallway connecting the north and south sides of our campus is a metaphor for unity and accessibility, bridging gaps and fostering a sense of togetherness. Our plans don't stop there. A new theatre is on the horizon, promising a stage for creativity, expression, and cultural enrichment. This theatre will be a place where talents are discovered, stories are told, and dreams are nurtured. However, with great progress comes inevitable inconvenience. Parking spots may shift, walks to events might get a tad longer, and the familiar sounds of a bustling campus will be accompanied by the clatter and clamor of construction. Dust, debris, and the general disarray that comes with construction are temporary hurdles on our path to excellence. Let's not forget that these are not mere disruptions; they are the sounds and sights of progress. They are the tangible signs that we are pulling the sled toward a brighter, more innovative future. Each hammer's strike, every brick laid, is a step closer to realizing our vision. So, as we embark on Phase 2, Part 1 of our journey, let's embrace the inconveniences with open arms. Let's remind ourselves that every moment of disruption is a small price to pay for the incredible benefits on the horizon. We are not just constructing buildings; we are crafting a legacy. Pardon our dust, for it is the byproduct of growth and progress. We are ready for this, ready to face the challenges head-on. Bring on the inconveniences, for they are mere stepping stones to our grand vision. Together, as a united community, let's forge ahead, undeterred, and watch as our beloved school transforms into a beacon of excellence and inspiration. Here's to a journey of transformation, resilience, and unwavering spirit. Let the construction begin!
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Building stages, fostering teamwork, and discovering the power of performers. Our littlest Lego League united to create, collaborate, and learn together. 🚀 #HemlockHuskies #LegoLeague #BetterTogether
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Lego 2
Lego 3
It's #TeacherFeatureTuesday and today we're featuring the classic Keith Krueger, a beloved math teacher here at Hemlock High School. Other than being able to make a mean chili, and having taught everything from Chemistry, Earth Science, and Geometry to Algebra I and II here in Hemlock, here are some other fun facts about him: • Growing up, he wanted to be a stunt man in the movies. • As most of his students know, he's quite the woodworker. He loves to try his hand at making difficult patterns out of wood. He says some turn out well, others not so much. • If he won the lottery and decided to give up teaching, he would have a stellar shop that would include both metal and woodworking tools. He would also get items for people he knows that they would never get for themselves because they're too expensive. • We asked him what famous actor would play him in the movie of his life, and he said Clint Eastwood in his later years; because he's "just a grumpy old man that really cares". • A saying he shares with his students often is: Just because you are not good at a subject (math), doesn't mean you are a stupid. Everybody is a genius, you just have to find out what you love to do and you will do all you can to be the best at that. We’re so thrilled to have you in our Huskie Pack, Mr. Krueger! #Huskietastic #Since1863 #HPSDPackLeader #HemlockStrong #HemlockHuskies
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Keith Krueger