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Keith Green

Keith Green

about 9 hours ago

One Hemlock!

Keith Green

Keith Green

about 11 hours ago

Judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character. — Martin Luther King Jr.

Keith Green

Keith Green

about 12 hours ago

Kindness is a choice, I choose kindness.

Kids First!

Kids First!

1 day ago

Congrats, Kenndy Kazmierski! Hemlock High School PSA contest winner. #WTG

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Staff Highlight-Jamie Galbraith

Keith Green has nominated Jamie Galbraith for this month’s Staff Recognition Highlight. Jamie Galbraith is the district’s athletic assistant, and so much more when it comes to the instrumental......

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The Future of Snow Days

Hemlock, MI - It seems like our state and parts of the nation have a love-hate relationship with “Snow Days.” What once was a rare occasion, with one or two days off a year, when going to school......

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Down to ONE

Hemlock Public School District is fortunate to have great families and wonderful community support. The district is continually focused on student safety, achievement, and providing an overall......

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