HHS Early Middle College

In 2014, Hemlock High School started the Hemlock High School Early Middle College Program in partnership with Delta College. Each year 20 students starting their junior year begin taking Delta College classes on the Hemlock High School campus. The students continue taking Delta classes as a senior on the Hemlock campus and are also approved to continue their education by taking additional courses during a fifth year at Delta College. These students have an opportunity to earn 60 transferable credits and an associate's degree in these three years. This all comes at no cost to them. Hemlock has provided 480+ students this opportunity to get this jump start on their college and toward their career plans. 

On February 8th at 4:30, Hemlock High School will have a Virtual round-up opportunity for the 2025 EMC Cohort. This meeting will be attended by prospective parents and students that are interested in joining our Early Middle College Program and earning 60 free college credits.  For more information regarding this EMC roundup event, please contact Hemlock High School at 989-642-5287. #GoHuskies