Enduring Partnerships

For the past fifty years, a trio of Great Lakes Bay Region organizations have worked together to support and invest in Hemlock Public School students and their communities, building a solid foundation of collaboration and creating generational opportunities for Hemlock students.

The Partnership, created between Hemlock Public School District, DuPont, and Hemlock Semiconductor (HSC), was forged a half-century ago with the goal of better serving students and families. Through years of name changes, ownership transitions and leadership pivots, the Partnership has persevered and strengthened its bond to the community and looks to the future to further empower young people, helping them to achieve their dreams. As we recognize the anniversary of this innovative partnership, we envision an even more promising future of investment in Hemlock students.

“Industry and education can be perfect partners when both sides are working in the same direction, which is why this partnership is a lasting one,” said HSC representative Mike Huston. “Hemlock Public School District provides state-of-the-art learning opportunities, which in turn provides HSC with extremely attractive potential employees either straight out of high school or through our partnerships with colleges and universities.”

Annually, the Partnership supports investment in Hemlock students through programs such as National Honor Society, band camp, field trips and career activities. It supports approximately $25,000 in added student programming than the school district could otherwise afford. Funds also support employee appreciation events like an annual tailgate and years of service awards.

Extra-curricular activities and field trips enhance a student’s educational experience, allowing them to create connections with what they are learning and with their classmates.  Similarly, recognizing teachers and staff who work tirelessly to educate our students is important for retention.  DuPont is happy to support both students and staff through the partnership,” says Jessica Snyder, DuPont Site Leader.

Notable investments include the Lockwood STEM Center, a community facility designed for students to explore interests in math, science and robotics. Host to FIRST robotics competitions, the Lockwood STEM Center provides hands-on exposure for students in fields they may not otherwise experience.

According to Hemlock Board of Education President Matt Wesener, “It’s no coincidence this partnership has lasted 50+ years. When you look at the programs they’ve invested in, the students they’ve helped, the lives they’ve impacted – I'm confident this is a program that will go on for a long time, as it should.”

The Partnership strives to continue its year-over-year growth and add more investment to education improvement efforts, aiming for a record-setting 50+ years.