Santa Brings More than Presents

Santa brings more than presents under the tree during the Christmas Break.

 As students return from break, some find their classrooms look like they received a makeover. It would be easy for some to think that Santa did more than bring presents over the Christmas break as it looks like a miracle happened. 

 Hemlock Public School District is fortunate to have partnered with O'Connor's Carpet One and Sharp Flooring Installation over the last few years to transform spaces throughout the district. In concert with Mike Fleischmann (Carpet One) and Bob Bunterbart (Sharp Floor Covering) and his team of installers, the district has completed floor renovations at Hemlock Elementary, K.C. Ling Elementary, and is nearly complete at Hemlock Middle School. 

 Superintendent Don Killingbeck said, "We are blessed to have community members (Mike, Bob, and John) that have helped support the transformation of spaces for teaching and learning not only over this recent break but over the last few years."

 This team has helped renovate spaces at all the school buildings, but most of their work has been at Hemlock Elementary, K.C. Ling Elementary, and the Middle School over the last couple of years. As the school district positions itself as a destination for families, ensuring clean and modern spaces is important. Despite the age of the school buildings, with improvements like these, they feel current and modern. 

 Principal Lori Gensch says “We’ve seen a lot of refreshed spaces in the classrooms”. “It’s been exciting for the kids and teachers alike.”

 According to third grade teacher Tammy Grandy “The classroom renovations have made learning more fun”. Flexible seating arrangements encourage students to “take responsibility for their learning”.

 Fourth grader Madison noted that her favorite update was “probably the library”. Third grader Jonathan also liked the library, but was most excited about the new carpeting throughout the hallways. “I like the patterns” he said. Principal Lori Gensch said “You can see it on their faces, the pure excitement. Lots of smiles, lots of energy.” Both Madison and Jonathan agreed that the latest renovations made learning more fun and exciting.

 Thanks to the hard work of both O’Connor's Carpet One and Sharp Floor Covering, Hemlock Public School’s students will enjoy a refreshed, comfortable, and fun learning environment.