The employees at Gateway Financial Solutions in Saginaw saw a need and decided to fill that need. Every year they pick families to purchase Christmas presents for, and this year they went above and beyond. Sarah LaPierre, who works for Gateway, contacted Lori Gensch regarding some families they could buy presents for, and after doing that, they decided to do more. They looked at the clothing list needed for each building, decided to take it upon themselves, and personally donated their own money to buy all the needed items. Not a single item was missed. "Now we can help kids that may just need a temporary change of clothing due to an accident or give to kids who need a little more than what they have at home", said Nurse Becky. Rebekah Harris, the elementary school social worker, and Nurse Becky looked at the current closet of extra clothing. They saw that there were more items that could be used on a daily basis, like gloves and boots - for kids who forgot them, to pants and underwear when kids have an accident in school. This will be such a great thing for our students in all 4 buildings. Thank You doesn't even begin to say enough about how grateful we are for the donations. #THANKYOU #HUSKIETASTIC #BETTERTOGETHER