Community Outreach Senior Citizen Bingo

On Monday, October 3rd, while students were home enjoying the day off, and teachers were earning county-wide professional development, our middle school gymnasium was filled with fun.  Local senior citizens gathered to socialize and win prizes at our annual Senior Citizen Bingo event.  Light refreshments were provided by our very own Hemlock Food Service. Our Food Service Director, Zach Bauer, had this to say “We are very happy to be able to be a part of such a great event. Giving back to our community is something we should all strive for; and we look forward to helping in any way we can in the future.”

This district-wide event is not only a great time for our senior citizens, but a wonderful opportunity for our middle school National Junior Honor Society members to give back to Hemlock while earning community service hours.  That same sentiment rings true for Dana Bishop, our NJHS co-advisor.  She says, "Senior Bingo is a great opportunity for our NJHS students to get to serve the community while having fun.  From making popcorn, handing out prizes, and cleaning up after, our students had a great time."  One of our middle school members, 7th grader Ella Thom, said of her experience, “Some people won big, and some people won little or not at all, but it didn't matter because they were having fun.” 

In terms of winning, there was an assortment of fantastic prizes donated from both Hemlock Public School District and local businesses, clubs, and organizations.  Senior citizens have another wonderful opportunity coming up to meet together for festivities and fellowship.  The annual Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner will be held in the HMS gymnasium Friday, November 11th.  We hope to see a large turnout!