Mrs. Skrzypczak may only be in her second year of teaching for Hemlock, but she is definitely no stranger to the teaching world.  Audrey’s 9 year teaching career has led her to Japan, Arizona and Saginaw where she has taught students with cognitive impairment at the high school and elementary levels, along with high school basic math and academic support for students with learning disabilities.  Since starting in Hemlock, Audrey teaches students with cognitive impairments and our 6th & 8th grade "Life Skills" classes.  

Audrey was originally born in New Jersey, but grew up in Virginia Beach, where she attended Virginia Wesleyan University.  She put herself through college by working as a service writer for Pep Boys, waiting tables, stocking naval ships and working in retail.  She now lives in Saginaw with her husband, Scott and 6-year-old daughter, Parker.  She also has two boxers (Jasper and Emerald), a dachshund (Copper) and two cats (Marble and R2).  She also has a blind feral cat that lives on her porch.  If you couldn’t tell, she loves animals.  

When asked what was one of Mrs. Skrzypczak’s proudest moments, she said, “When I was able to make myself go back, finish and graduate from college after my mom died.  My mom was a teacher’s aide, working on her teaching degree when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she never got to finish.  She was the one who convinced me to choose Special Education.”  

One of Audrey’s favorite things about HMS, is “the sense of community and support that we have across all subject areas and grades.  Being at a smaller school (and district) allows the entire staff to establish and maintain meaningful relationships for the good of our students, families and each other.”

Mrs. Skrzypczak’s favorite author is Erik Larson and her favorite quote is “Failure is success if we learn from it” – Malcolm Forbes.  When she is not taking Parker to dance lessons and practices, she loves to travel and go places that she has never been.  The more historical draw the better!

When asked if there was one thing that she could change about the world she said “I would like to change all the hate and how awful people treat each other, especially in the digital age where it's so easy to be mean to people you don’t know and can’t see, without realizing the extent of the damage you can do to a person.”

We are proud to have Audrey as part of our HMS Huskie Pack!