Hemlock Recognizes American Diabetes Alert Day

Hemlock, MI – Hemlock Public School District Nurse Becky Killingbeck brought awareness to the district by sharing information about diabetes to recognize March 22nd as American Diabetes Alert Day.

Nurse Becky came to the district just before Christmas break and has become a familiar face to our students who rely on her. This week, she gave a presentation to Mrs. Sensabaugh’s class about diabetes and honored second grade student Carson Hodges. Nurse Becky also shared with the district a google presentation on diabetes to educate all ages.

Nurse Becky shared, “It's important for kids to learn about classmates' health issues. They learn acceptance and empathy.  It also helps them understand how their bodies work. The more they learn and understand, not only do they help by recognizing serious conditions, they can help family and friends too. High or low blood sugar can quickly become an emergent situation for a child with diabetes. If kids can see when their classmate is having blood sugar issues, they can go get help when it's needed."

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