Aliens Invade

Hemlock, Michigan - In a shocking turn of events, aliens have reportedly invaded the Hemlock Public School District. According to eyewitnesses, extraterrestrial beings descended from the skies in their flying saucers and landed on the playground of Hemlock Elementary School.

However, before you go running for your tinfoil hats, we should mention that this news is a complete hoax! It appears that the rumors of an alien invasion were started by a mischievous student who wanted to get out of taking a math test.

The rumor quickly spread like wildfire on social media, with many concerned parents contacting the school district for clarification. Superintendent has reassured parents that there is no cause for alarm and that the safety and well-being of their children are their top priority.

"We have thoroughly investigated the situation, and there is no evidence of any alien activity on our school grounds," Superintendent Killingbeck stated in a press conference. "We take all rumors seriously, but we also urge our community to be cautious when spreading information that has not been verified."

The student responsible for starting the rumor has been appropriately disciplined, and the school district has taken steps to educate students on the importance of verifying information before sharing it.

While the idea of aliens invading our planet may seem like a far-fetched science fiction scenario, it's essential to remember that false information can have real-world consequences. So, if you hear something that sounds too outrageous to be true, do your research before hitting that share button!

Recently, we have had people share that there was a fire at the school, which was completely false, and another rumor that we were putting in a heated track at Wallace Field. The latter rumor is more complex; we are NOT putting in a heated track at Wallace Field; in fact, the track is not part of our bond projects, but we are investigating getting it resurfaced. This rumor likely comes from our plans to have an indoor walking track when we build the new gym at Hemlock High School.

If you have any questions about the aliens or other matters, we are literally a phone call or email away.

  • Hemlock Elementary, Early Childhood Center, Athletics: Cory Snider (989) 642-5221 or email 
  • K.C. Ling Elementary: Lori Gensch (989) 642- 5235 or email 
  • Hemlock Middle School: Joshua Chase (989) 642-5253 or email 
  • Hemlock High School: Keith Green (989) 642- 5287 or email 
  • Business Operations & Human Resources: Anna Wamack (989) 642-5282 or email 
  • District: Don Killingbeck (989) 642-5282 or email 

Superintendent Killingbeck will be hosting Donuts with Don on Wednesday, May 17th at 7:45 AM, he will share an overview of the district, provide insight into all of the improvements in the district and rough timeframe, along with a Q & A session.