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Welcome to the Hemlock Tech Support Page. Here you will find helpful documents and videos for your tech issues.


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Quick Fixes 

  • Chromebook headphones not working: While the headphones are plugged in, go to settings in the bottom right corner and click on the arrow next to the volume bar. Switch the audio option to Headphones and the audio should play through the headphones.

Lightspeed School I.D.

If you wish to connect to a different WiFi network with your Chromebook, you must enter the Lightspeed School I.D. as follows: 82066396

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Help Desk

Need support? Send a help ticket by going tohttp://helpdesk/portal

Or send an email to support@hemlockps.com which will create a ticket

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Internet Speed Test Link


Google Apps Status Dashboard Link


Website Status\Availabilty Link


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