Board Policies

Board Policy Manual update 12.2.20

Strategic Planning

Hemlock Public Schools under the leadership of the district governance team and Superintendent Killingbeck embarked on developing a long-term strategic plan focusing on student achievement....click here to read the full document.


Agendas are available at the entrance to the Board room before each meeting. The tentative agendas will also available online; click here. Board members receive the agenda and supporting documentation well in advance of each meeting to study materials and be prepared to make decisions.

Order of Business

The agenda order customarily followed by the Board at Regular Board meetings is as follows:

  • Call to Order
  • Pledge
  • Consent Agenda: Approval of Minutes, Bills, Personnel
  • Recognition
  • Reports
  • Old Business
  • Public Comments on Agenda Items (only)
  • New Business
  • Public Comments
  • Emerging Topics
  • Board Comments
  • Adjournment

If you have special concerns

Most often, individual concerns can best be handled if you begin at the source and follow proper channels before approaching members of the Board of Education. If your concern relates to procedures in the classroom, begin with the teacher and/or principal. Finally, if these procedures do not resolve your concern or question, participate in the public comment portion of the Board meeting.

Public Comments

The Board of Education works for the citizens of the District; therefore, your input is always welcome. At every Board meeting, time is set aside for public comments. Anyone may address the Board at this time. Board policy limits the speaking time of each person addressing the Board to three minutes. A signup sheet is available at the Board table before the start of the meeting.

How to address the Board

At the appropriate time in the meeting, the President will indicate that persons interested in speaking to the Board will be recognized. The president will call on those who have signed up to address the Board. When you are recognized, please state your name and address, and indicate the issue you want to address.

Resolving Concerns

Because issues and concerns require review and deliberation by the Board if good decisions are to be made, no immediate answers to public comments are made by Board members. The usual procedure is for the Board to listen to public comments, take note of the issues, and instruct the administration to make contact with the concerned citizen to seek a satisfactory solution. Although the administration is required to report back to the Board, the report is not necessarily presented at a public meeting. The board requests that personnel issues be directed through the proper channels, which can be done by contacting the central office at (989) 642-5282. 

Board Members 

Board Members Bio Phone Email Address Term Expires

Matt Wesener - President Bio 989-293-3833 Email

Dr. Katherine Ellison - Vice President Bio
989-798-6369 Email

Kimberly Hoeppner - Secretary Bio 989-642-2109 Email

Jamie Rivette - Treasurer Bio
989-284-7922 Email

Hilary House - Trustee Bio

David Messing - Trustee Bio 989-264-5799 Email

Bryan Conger - Trustee Bio 989-233-8082 Email

Executive Officers

Matt Wesener
Vice President
dr. katherine ellison
kimberly hoeppner
Jamie Rivette

SCHOOL Board Meetings

Please take notice that at the organizational meeting held on June 8, 2020 the regular meetings for the Board of Education of the Hemlock Public School District, Hemlock, Michigan will be as follows:

DATE: The second Wednesday of every month. 

July 20, 2020 Special Meeting (Virtual) at 6:00pm - click here for notice

August 5, 2020 Athletic Committee Meeting (Virtual) at 5:30pm - click here for notice

August 12, 2020  Virtual Meeting at 6:00pm - click here for notice

September 9, 2020  Virtual Meeting at 6:00pm - click here for notice

September 16, 2020 Athletic Committee Meeting (Virtual) at 7:45am - click here for notice

September 23, 2020 Finance Committee Meeting (Virtual) at 7:30am - click here for notice

October 2, 2020 Policy Committee Meeting (Virtual) at 7:45AM - click here for notice

October 14, 2020 Virtual Meeting at 6:00pm - click here for notice

November 11, 2020 Virtual Meeting at 6:00pm - click here for notice

November 20, 2020 Policy Committee Meeting (Virtual) at 7:45AM - click here for notice

December 9, 2020 (Meeting at STEM Center)Virtual Meeting at 6:00pm - click here for notice.

January 7, 2021 Athletic Committee Meeting (Virtual) at 1:30PM - click here for notice

January 13, 2021 Virtual Meeting at 6:00pm - click here for notice

January 28, 2021 Facility Assessment Committee Meeting (Virtual) at 10:00AM-1:00PM click here for notice.

February 3, 2021 Special Board Meeting (Virtual) at 7:50AM  click here for notice.

February 10, 2021  (Relocation at Administration Office) Virtual Meeting at 6:00pm - click here for notice.

March 1, 2021 Policy Committee Meeting (Virtual) at 7:45AM - click here for notice

March 10, 2021 (Rescheduled Meeting) at 7:30AM  click here for notice.

March 23, 2021 Finance Committee Meeting (Virtual) at 1:15PM - click here for notice

April 14, 2021 (Meeting at Middle School)

May 12, 2021 (Meeting at High School)

June 9, 2021 

PLACE: 200 Wilson, Hemlock, Michigan


Any person with a disability that needs assistance, please contact the Business Office at least three (3) days prior to the meeting date. The Business Office may be reached at: 989-642-5282.