Sports Boosters

Since 1973, the Sports Boosters have existed for the purpose of broadening involvement of students, student families and Hemlock Schools in the inter-school athletic programs.

We help provide the Athletic Department with volunteers for concessions, ticket sales, 50/50 sales, chain gang, timers and more. All money raised by concession profit, 50/50 sales and special fund raising projects will be available to the Athletic Department through requests by the Athletic Director and subsequent approval by the Sports Boosters.

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Mission Statement

To raise funds that will assist all athletic programs available at the high school and middle schools. To promote and encourage great attendance, integrity, and good sportsmanship for all athletics. To support volunteers and the Athletic Director to keep expenses down for athletic department and Hemlock families. Helping to provide the safest and current date uniforms and equipment for our families.


We meet the 3rd Monday of every month at 7 pm in the Hemlock High School Student Center. All interested in the future of Hemlock athletes are welcome to come. No membership dues required, we are all volunteers supporting Hemlock student athletes.

Board Members

President - Joan Hoffman

Vice President - Michelle Wardlow

Treasurer - John Mulvaney

Secretary - Mia Rich

Trustees - Joe Burch, Scott Schaffer, Jenifer Speckhard, Dave Messing & Kim Gustin